Random Thoughts

So, I've decided to stop being lame and finally write a new post!  I know, you're excited....but try to keep your paws off the screen.

Anyway, I decided to break tradition with my normal posts, as I've had a few odds and ends floating around my mind for some time.  While none of them really make a full post, hopefully the collection of all three certainly do..


1. With Thanksgiving in the books, and the holidays being literally right around the corner, it's a good time to touch on a conversation that I had with a client of mine.  A few days before Thanksgiving, they told me that they needed to burn 1400-1700 calories during their workout because they heard that amount was the average Thanksgiving meal.  My first reaction?  Well, I hope mine completely dwarfs that number..

My second reaction, however, was telling them that it was silly to think along those lines.  My advice is simple: when a special occasion calls for stuffing one's face, do so with reckless abandon....but go back to your normal way of eating the following day.

The human body was made to overeat from time to time, just not ALL the time.  You're not going to undo all of your hard work by one (or a few) large meals, and that line of thinking shows some naïveté about the human body.  After all, it's not what you do one day....it's what you do everyday.

Unbroken Movie.jpg

2.  For the first time in a LONG time, I've decided to recently pare down my nerdom and finally read a non-strength and conditioning focused book.  The night before I flew for Thanksgiving, I decided to throw the book "Unbroken" in my backpack....

Suffice to say, it's absolutely unbelievable.  While I had heard amazing reviews, I was too into my "nerd zone" to ever take a break but I'm glad I did.  It has given me a new perspective on our country's greatest generation, and is simply a remarkable story. If you haven't read it, do it. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

3. Finally, I wanted to share a little bit more information about where I work, and some of the amazing clients that I'm fortunate to work with.  Earlier this month, one of my clients had a "Client Spotlight" posted on our gym's blog.  She's shown some amazing progress so far, and it's stories like her's that are truly inspirational.  To read, just click here.