Where Healthy Eating Starts (and Ends)

I can hear the groans already....another post about diet and nutrition?  Ugh.

Well, in some ways, you're right.  This IS another post about diet and nutrition, but it's a bit different.  Rather than simply talking the talk, I've decided to show that I walk the walk, by taking a picture of my weekly grocery shopping cart.  And messy apartment aside, this isn't a tale of deprivation - it's how I shop every week.  

What do you see?  A absolute ton of fresh fruits and vegetables (including a whopping 5.5 pounds of apples!).  There's grass-fed meat and wild fish, but most importantly, almost no processed or packaged goods (tortillas and canned tomatoes aside).  

Now, is this way of grocery shopping more expensive than loading up on packaged, processed foods?  Probably.  Is it more time-consuming to make all of your meals?  Definitely.  But to me, both are better than the alternative outcomes brought on by eating food-like substances.

Healthy eating starts at the supermarket, and it can end there as well.  After all, the easiest step to eating healthier is just not buying bad stuff in the first place.  Try to appreciate food and see it as much more than a means to an end.  Food is health, and your health is determined by your food.