Eating to Live and Living to Eat


Have you noticed how Omega-3 is now in everything?  Seriously.  Eggs, juice, milk, margarine, pasta, bread, and my personal favorite that's just around the cream.  I get it, I really do.  If people aren’t getting enough Omega-3’s, from their bad diets, let’s just fortify everyone’s diet so that it's no longer an issue.

Or, you know, people could actually EAT SOME FRIKEN FISH.

If you couldn’t tell by my sarcasm above, I’ve simply had it.  I can’t believe there’s now fiber in yogurt, Omega-3’s in everything, calcium fortified juices, etc.  In fact, all these “enriched” foods play into a debate I had a few weeks ago with my girlfriend, Lindsay.  We were discussing whether people make terrible dietary decisions based on a lack of free will or a lack of correct information.

While I’m not really sure what the answer is (or if anyone really knows the answer), I wanted to post the following video.  To me, this video is simply inspiring and shows that if you just eat better and ignore the silly marketing claims of many "healthy foods," many problems will disappear.

And hey, if nothing’ll make you want to eat some kale.  Enjoy!