Pull-Ups Article on Strongfirst.com


The past month has been incredible. From winning the Tactical Strength Challenge (yes, you read that correctly), to the birth of our son, Ethan (again, you read that correctly!), to a few other items I can’t mention yet, it’s been a month I’ll never forget.

To make it even sweeter, I’m happy to share that StrongFirst just published an article of mine about pull-ups. Specifically, it shares my journey and the program I used to transform a weak point to something I now look forward to.

And while I’m currently working on a blog post detailing my 1st place overall finish in the 2018 Fall TSC - that is, as much as one can work on a blog post with a 2 week old baby - this article gives some insight into my training. Enjoy!

How to Increase Your Pull-ups by 50% (at Least)