Podcasts and Knowledge Bombs

Instead of my normal ramblings this week, I wanted to share a few podcasts that I've been fortunate to be a part of.  My good friend and former coworker, Jon Carroll, has been hosting and producing The Pillars of Health podcast.  It focuses on the four pillars of health - sleep, stress management, nutrition, and exercise - and how you can maximize them to live your best life.


(And for my fellow "Bachelorette" fans, yes, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay can learn something too. Even though she's already claimed she's "living her best life." Insert the laughing, crying emoji.)

The first episode I'd like to highlight was released earlier today on iTunes.  Titled "Optimizing Your Strength and Exercise Goals," Jon and I expand on my previous blog post about novice and advanced lifters. We also discuss some of my favorite programs for the general population, as well as many of the mistakes I've made earlier in my career, so you can enjoy more gainz without the pains.

The next episode I'd like to highlight was recorded back in June, as Jon and I discussed my last few weeks in Boston. We chatted about how I got my start in the industry, my training philosophy, the difference between a training session and a "workout," and what made leaving everyone in Boston so tough.  Be warned: there's plenty of bro love.

The last episode I'd like to highlight is also available on iTunes, as Jon and I were joined by my other good friend, Chris Mullins.  We chat about expectations when starting an exercise program, what to prioritize in your own training, and how to make your routine sustainable. 

With Jon's irresistible Irish accent, and my voice being the aural equivalent of velvet and peanut butter, you know you want to give these a listen.  Kidding, of course.  But every episode is full of great information that everyone can implement.  And who knows, you just might learn something. :)