The Only Constants? PRs and Changes

If you've noticed I haven't been writing much lately - and judging from my web analytics, you haven't - you would be correct.  With only four blog posts through the last two months, it's fair to assume that my supply of humor (and intelligence) have finally been depleted. But self deprecating humor aside, the reason for the slowdown is because Lindsay and I are in the midst of a few life changes.

Me and The Doctah!

Me and The Doctah!

No, nothing that crazy.  But we are moving to Raleigh, North Carolina in just about a week. Lindsay has accepted a teaching position at NC State, in their Food and Nutrition Science department.  This comes on the heels of Lindsay successfully defending her dissertation two weeks ago, finishing her PhD program at Tufts in only 3 1/2 years.  I couldn't be prouder of her and I'm looking forward to writing "Mr. and Dr. Tanskey" on any wedding RSVPs.

We're very excited about starting our new chapter and it feels surreal to be leaving Boston - our home for the last 8 years. While I'm not completely set on where I'll be coaching, you know there will be plenty of deadlifting, pressing, pulling, and swinging in store for myself and other North Carolinians. :)

That said, I wanted to thank everyone who has made Boston (and Somerville) so special for us. Someone once told me never to thank anyone by name - because you'll always leave someone out - but I believe you all know who you are.  I also hope that you'll continue reading this blog, because I'm going to keep writing and I have some pretty epic goals that I'm still chasing.

On that note, I was fortunate to hit one of my lifetime deadlift goals last week at The Training Room - a 3X bodyweight deadlift and 15 pound PR.  Technically, it was 571 pounds at a bodyweight of 189.

Thinking back to how I felt on the day of the Tactical Strength Challenge, I definitely could have pulled it then too, but was keeping something in the tank for other parts of the competition. Last week, I warmed up to singles of 470 and 520, then gave it a go:

The lessons I've learned from my journey to this lift are plenty and will make good fodder for a future blog post.  But the best lesson I learned is that if you fall in love with the process - and not the result - you'll have plenty of PRs throughout your life.  

And some of them might actually be cool enough to post on the interwebz.