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I'm thrilled to announce that instead of my normal biweekly post on my own blog, I get to share a post I wrote for StrongFirst. It marks the first guest article I've written for any site, and naturally, the topic is deadlifting.

I know. You're surprised.

Joking aside, it's a huge honor and I'm thankful for StrongFirst for allowing me to tell my story. The article gives a glimpse into how my love affair with deadlifts began - an inauspicious start with terrible technique and back pain - to reaching the elite mark of pulling 3x my bodyweight. And no, the novelty of writing that last sentence still hasn't worn off. :)

I'm also excited to share this article because writing is something that hasn't come naturally to me. Lifting heavy things? That has. But writing has been a weekly exercise in discipline, communication, learning, and commitment to the craft. Just like my old deadlift videos that I reference in the article, after rereading my first few posts on this site, it's fun to see how far I've come.

Hopefully I didn't lose too many of you with a long preface.  If you'd like to read the article (and I strongly encourage y'all to do so), click below:

How I Achieved a 3x Bodyweight Deadlift (And How You Can Increase Your Deadlift, Too)