Busy, Busy and The Return of Good Reads

Replace "sad" with "tired"....and that's just how I roll.

Replace "sad" with "tired"....and that's just how I roll.

1. I'd like to start off today's post by wishing everyone a happy April.  It appears as if we've been rescued from the doldrums of winter, and the sun has been shining the past two mornings here in New England.  In fact, I thought I heard a bird singing when I woke up this morning....but realized it was just a homeless person outside of my apartment.  

True story.

Anyway, March was my busiest month ever, as I ended up working every single day of the month (and the streak is still alive).  Yet, when people hear that I work every day, they're often shocked and wonder how I can possibly do it.  I usually give the old "when you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work" excuse, plus the novelty of not having an office job probably hasn't worn off yet.  But, there's more to it than that.

(Sidenote: Can you picture me having an office job?  It usually consisted of me banging my head against a computer for 7 hours and 29 minutes....and watching YouTube clips for the other 31 ticks of the clock.)

For those that know me well, it's no secret that I always like to work towards a specific goal.  Why?  I'm a big fan of the following Dan John quote: "Look at your goals.  Look at your behaviors.  Do your behaviors match your goals?"

Whenever someone tells me about a weight loss or physique goal...

Whenever someone tells me about a weight loss or physique goal...

Personally, my goal is to become the best strength coach I can possibly be.  Every hour I can put into my craft will help get me there, and the more I can learn, the better I'll be.  Why?  Because if country music has taught me anything, it's that hard work is still king....and beer is best served cold.

2. On a lighter note, I've realized that it's been some time since I put up a "Good Reads" type of post.  So, here are a few great posts that have caught my eye over the past two weeks or so.  You'll enjoy them!

"I'm Possible"

If you think you have an excuse not to train, you're wrong.  In this piece from the StrongFirst blog, they talk about training Paralympians, and it's truly an inspiring post.  Plus, regardless of your limitations, there's always a reason to pull heavy!

The Get Up...Insights from Belfast

Written by Dan John, here's a great piece for all of you that perform the Turkish Get Up.  I'm constantly surprised and amazed at how the TGU can be broken down as correctives for almost every mobility/stability limitation.  It's simply a great exercise, and a great read.

Is Nutritent Timing Dead?

In this Precision Nutrition post, they talk about nutrient timing, and if it really matters when you eat.  Hint: unless you're a highly competitive athlete or figure model, it doesn't.  I've long thought much of the content in this article to be true, and it's great to see it validated in this excellent piece.