2014 Progress Report

I've often said that we all need something to keep ourselves accountable.  

What that something might be is totally up to you (a pair of pants, Dan John's Alpo Diet, your brutally honest friends, etc.), but it helps to drive your progress forward, or keep you from slacking off.

That said, I wanted to post an update as to where I am with my stated 2014 goals.  Why? Because, the first day of March is right around the corner, and it's good to see where I stand 2 full months into the new year.

Goal #1: Bench Press 300 Pounds



I have to admit, benching 300 pounds is not that impressive for the interwebz.  And if you ask them, all men used to be able to bench 300 pounds when they were younger....shirtless. And the weights were made of cinder blocks. 

While also singing Good Vibrations. 

(Ok, maybe that was just Mahhhky Mahhhk.)

Anyway, for the better part of the last few years I've pounded away with dumbbell bench presses and while I got strong (105 lbs in each hand), I needed a bit of variation (read: validated manhood) by benching 300 pounds.  Here's where I stood this past Monday....I'm 60 pounds off from where I want to be, but I also tacked on 3 extra reps than I needed.

Goal #2: Front Squat 300 Pounds

Ok, first off: I hate squatting.  I'm not built for it (longer levers aren't favorable for squatting), and it's simply one of my weakest lifts.  Always has and always will be.

But, gone is the "woe is me" attitude on this lift.  While the video below isn't my best, it's where I stood this past week with 240 pounds.

Sidenote: for whatever reason, the front squat should almost mirror your bench press weight.  I've been playing around with reasons why this might be, but it simply just is.

Goal #3: Deadlift 500 Pounds

From the outset, I know this is the loftiest of all goals for this year (considering my best pull has only been 415).  While I'm not exactly sure where I stand, I did pull 370 for a triple two weeks ago, and it felt frighteningly easy.  More to come on this front, especially after tomorrow..

Goal #4: Overhead Press 200 Pounds

Last, but certainly not least: The Overhead Press.  My friend, my foe....pressing heavy things overhead has become what I'm known for where I work.  Well, the tradition continued today as I set a new PR this afternoon, by 10 pounds, at 195.  And then I proceeded to pimp walk my way out of the gym.

Why didn't I go for an even 200?  I could have....but I'd rather keep something on the table.  And besides, there's plenty of techique I can clean up in my PR video below:

So there you go.  My progress so far, and I still have plenty of work to go.  Where are you on your goals?