Random Thoughts and Several Posts on Nutrition

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm not exactly loaded with time these days, as I've been busy with clients, training myself, oh and planning a wedding. (Correction: watching Lindsay plan our wedding..)

Yet, despite being busy, I was able to catch the Grammys last night and I came away with several revelations:

  1. Lorde looks a lot like Marla Hooch from "A League Of Their Own"
  2. Not only does Taylor Swift look like a Praying Mantis, she dances like one too.

I know, your mind was just blown too.  Anyway, I've had my nose dug into the nutritional realm over the past several weeks, and I've come across a few posts I wanted to share with all of you.  Why?  Because they're frikken awesome reads....that's why.

A stunning resemblance, no?

A stunning resemblance, no?

This first article is from the Precision Nutrition blog, where the author, Ryan Andrews, reviews the benefits and dangers of juice cleanses/detoxes (hint: they're completely stupid).  As Ryan points out, what exactly are we trying to detox?  And, how do we know what we're trying to detox isn't actually beneficial to us anyway?  It's a great read, and he even adds in his own experience with a recent juice cleanse that didn't end well..

Another article I wanted to share appeared on T-Nation this past week, and it's all about intermittent fasting.  If you're unaware of intermittent fasting, it's basically based on the premise of fasting for a period of time in between meals.  These fasts can last anywhere between a few hours, or even an entire day.  I've never been one to recommend any diet like this, as it's always seemed to me to border on disordered eating.  Sure enough, that's what this post below talks about.  If you're interested at all in IF (that's what the cool, starving kids call it), then I can't recommend the following literature strongly enough.  After all, beware of any diet that allows you to eat what put those pounds on in the first place..

Fasting: Sound Science, Behavioral BS

Let me say this: if it sounds crazy, it's probably because it is!  The best minds in nutrition aren't set on a certain philosophy, because they know that everything works.  As I always say, it's about finding what's sustainable for you and for your body

Well, that's all for now....have a great few days everyone!