Heavy TGUs, Posture, Sleep and a New Squatting Anthem


Well, I'm not sure who else has noticed, but the whole Boston-New York rivalry has definitely been kicked up on a notch in the past few weeks.  With the Knicks over the Celtics, and now the Rangers set to face the Bruins, I'm pretty sure this year can only end with the Yankees facing off against the Red Sox.  All of which equals my personal, fandom hell.

Let's face it. I'm a Knicks, Rangers, and (most of all) Yankees fan, but I live in Boston.  As such, the volume of my cheering is usually low enough to make a mouse say "excuse me," not too mention the ribbing I receive from fellow trainers and clients every time Boston plays New York.  In fact, I'll admit to acting like a Boston fan on occasion, just to make certain situations more tolerable (but secretly hating myself while doing it.)

So, as I'm thinking about the impending NHL playoffs (and keeping in mind that I'm writing this post on my 2nd cup of coffee after staying up way to late to watch last night's NHL playoffs), I figured it's time that I share a few other articles and posts from around the interwebs.

First, here's a video I took of myself performing a Turkish Get-up with 44 kilograms (that's 97 pounds).  While it's not perfect, it was a goal I've been working towards for the past few months.  If you need a reminder, or simply don't know, what a Turkish Get-up is, just click here.  (And yes, it's a bit self serving, but anytime you hit a PR it's worth sharing!)  Give it a look below:

Next, as pretty much everyone I know has a desk job or spends several hours a day in some sort of chair, here's a great article on sitting.  Yes, you read that correctly....sitting.  As with other movements such as running, walking, or crawling, we tend to think that the movement mechanics are simple and take them for granted.  This article talks about how one woman is trying to fix how people sit by tapping into their "primal posture" and curing their back pain. 

The Posture Guru of Silicon Valley

One other aspect that's frequently taken for granted is....sleep.  Yes, we all know how low amounts of sleep are detrimental to our health, but few of us actually do anything about it.  Here's a write up from Eric Cressey's blog that details how getting little sleep can hurt your performance in the gym.

Sleep: What the Research Actually Says

To play this post out, here's a new squatting anthem for everyone.  It's been a while since I posted one of these, but I've jumped back on the wagon.  After you click, you may ask yourself "Why in the world did he post THIS song?" It's quite simple.  A good set of squats should do nothing else but take your breath away....