Highlights of the First 6 Months

It's currently 70 degrees outside my apartment, baseball season is well underway, a new season of "The Voice" is on NBC, yet today is a great day for another reason...

Yes, I realize that this post is, in essence, giving a high five to myself.  But..I'm OK with that.

Yes, I realize that this post is, in essence, giving a high five to myself.  But..I'm OK with that.

It's the 6 month anniversary of this blog!

Now, I'm not one for big celebrations (seriously, you'll probably never find someone who dislikes throwing their own parties as much as me), but I thought it'd be a great time to pause, reflect, and review my past few months of writing.  Also, for those that are new to this blog, I figured it's a great chance to highlight some of my previous posts.  

So, in a completely subjective order, here are my best 6 posts of the last 6 months with a quick explanation of each.  Enjoy!

6. Stop the Isolation Madness

Are you currently on a "arms" or "legs" routine?  This post explains why you're hindering your development if you're avoiding the larger staples of squats, deadlifts and pull ups.

5. Don't Run to Get Fit, Get Fit to Run!

As I mentioned earlier, it's springtime weather up here in the northeast, which means one thing: the emergence of more runners looking to "get in shape" or shed a few extra pounds.  Many people see running as a "natural" move, but in reality, running for distance is one of the worst things you can do if you want to stay healthy and injury-free (and I hope you all do!)

4. 5 Easy Ways to Cure Your Back Pain (Office Workers Edition)

There's really nothing more debilitating than back pain (ok, maybe a few others).  As someone that suffered on and off when I was younger and working in a desk job, here are a few tips based on science, as well as the recommendations from one of the world's experts on the lower back, Dr. Stuart McGill.

3. 21st Century "Core Training"

When performed correctly, every exercise should be a "core exercise."  However, there are times when you may want to make your core the target of a certain exercise.  Thus, this post reviews a few of my "go-to" exercises.

2. Knee Pain? Stop Looking at Your Knee!

Possibly one of my "nerdier" posts, but it really illustrates how the human body is more than the sum of its parts.  Often times, when a body part is bothering you, there's probably nothing actually wrong with that part....it's the surrounding areas you need to focus on.

1. What is Good Nutrition?

With new diets emerging daily, it can be tough knowing the "what, when and why" of nutrition these days.  Here are a few tips that I stole from Precision Nutrition which really help to elaborate on what "eating well" actually means.

....And that's it!  Hope you've enjoyed some of my past posts, as I sure got a kick out of reading them over again.  Lastly, no post like this would be complete without my new squatting anthem for the week.  While this one is partly inspired by spring finally showing it's beautiful weather in the northeast (and FX showing "The Fighter" multiple times this past weekend), here's a new one for all of you: