Sleep, Soda Caps, CrossHurt


Is it me, or have the commercials during the Super Bowl decreased in quality every single year?  I'm not quite sure where the funny commercials were last night....maybe they were also lost in the blackout?

Anyway, hope everyone had a great Super Bowl, and I can't believe it's already February!  That said, here's a new list of great reads to read while you're sitting at work, regretting those 18 wings you might have eaten last night..

To start everything off, here's a great article from the site Food Politics.  My girlfriend, Lindsay, turned me on to this site and it's about exactly what you would politics.  The article below talks about the cap on Soda size in NYC, and it lays out a pretty good argument in favor of limiting soda size to 16 ounces.  Give it a read, and let me know what you think:

Soda-size cap is a public health issue

Next, here's a good article from the Wall Street Journal about sleep.  It's funny, but I don't think a lot of us really think about how we sleep, and the impact that is has on the way we move, feel, etc.  Whenever a woman tells me she has back pain, one of my first questions is how she sleeps, and if it's on her side, if she keeps a pillow between her knees.  Anyway, that's just one example, and this article talks at length about many others:

Find the Perfect Sleep Position

The last post I have for all of you is about CrossFit, or as I like to call it, "CrossHurt."  If you're not sure about my feelings on CrossFit, you can go back and view just about any previous post of mine, and you'll quickly find that I disapprove of it.  However, I've rarely said WHY I dislike CrossFit and this post actually highlights my main problem with their entire program/culture.  It's not so much the workouts themselves (although, sometimes it is), it's the false bravado that's inherent in their CrossFit culture.  This post is a tough read as a personal trainer, as our first rule is to "do no harm" and this guy does, well, quite the opposite.  Also, the amount of dramatic irony in this post is absolutely off the charts...

It's CrossFit and It's Going to Hurt

Lastly, here's a new squatting anthem for the week.  I'll be doing some Front Squats later today, and you can bet that Bobby Brown will be blaring out of the speakers..