Working Out Less, Eating More, and Stretching Mistakes

As if New England didn't receive enough snow last weekend, I opened my shades this morning, and found what?  Yes, more frikken snow.  Seriously, it's like it's the middle of winter or something.....


Anyway, hope everyone had a great past few days.  While asteroids were falling all over earth during the weekend, I was busy "getting my nerd on" and making my way through a large chunk of reading.  As such, I'm able to share a few articles that I thought would be great for everyone to read.

The first article I want to share is an interesting study that was completed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, focused on workout frequency and the effects it had on women ages 60 to 74.  Specifically, they looked at whether 6 workouts or 4 workouts were most effective for those women.  While the title gives away the results, it echoes what I've been preaching for a long time.  The human body only has so much ability to recover, and taxing it more often will only keep you from progressing.  Understand that I'm a sample size of one, but I've learned firsthand that the less I do in the weight room, the more I'm able to gain.

Why Four Workouts a Week May Be Better Than Six

The next article is rather epic, and it's written by Eric Cressey.  Not only has Eric taken a pretty good hold of the baseball strength and conditioning scene here in New England, but I was fortunate to attend a seminar at Cressey Performance this past September.  Suffice to say, the man knows his stuff!  

If you know my thoughts on stretching, you know that I think it's largely a waste of everyone's time (except for some).  Thus, this article was right up my alley as Eric goes through some of the most common mistakes when people "think" they're stretching, but are really just going through the motions.

15 Static Stretching Mistakes

The last article is a great one from Nia Shanks.  While the title gives away what the article is about, I really enjoy many of her points: "food is not the enemy" and "don't allow your strength training routine to become a chore."  Those two points perfectly summarize why, I think, many people struggle with eating well and exercising.  Anyway, give it a read!

Should You Actually Be Eating MORE and Exercising LESS 

And lastly, here's a new squatting song for the rest of the week.  Happy Monday and happy squatting to all!