Move Well, Then Lift Big

True or false: I love lifting heavy things. 

If you answered false, either a) you don't know me very well, b) I've somehow slipped into a parallel universe or, c) you're trying to give the joker a run for his money.

That said, there's a lot more to lifting heavy things than simply lifting heavy things.  In order to get stronger (or even, dare I say..."tone up"), it's absolutely necessary that we move well - and that's where things get real interesting. 

It's pretty simple to explain to someone that in order to do certain exercises correctly (like the deadlift), we need to move well in order to simply get down to the bar in a correct manner.  From there, we need to continue to work on moving correctly and understanding the hip hinge, to avoid having your back resemble the upper half of a question mark.

But, it's also important to move well for the reasons below: 


As you can see, when you don't move well, there's a cascade of consequences that can affect your strength and overall well being.   In fact, this graphic even omits much of what I see on an everday basis, as increased compensations can predispose you to a host of injuries and movement disorders.  Moving well is much more than a badge of honor, it's essential to getting stronger and staying injury free.

To that end, I recently stumbled on this video of Indiana Pacers' all-pro center, Roy Hibbert, and it gives a glimpse into all the unsexy work that makes for one boring montage.  BUT, it's just as important as lifting heavy, and more important than any ridiculous antics you'll see in a Nike commercial:

If you know you have a hip, shoulder or some type of mobility issue, it's important to get it addressed before you really start lifting heavy.  Yes, it's boring, but it's exactly what you need.