If you've been in touch with me over the past week then you probably already know, but....

Lindsay and I got engaged on Saturday night! 

Lindsay's left hand has officially been "blinged!"

Lindsay's left hand has officially been "blinged!"

It has been a wonderful whirlwind ever since, as we ended up getting engaged down at The Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a high roller (my favorite beers are Miller High Life and PBR, after all), but I needed to pull out all the stops if I was going to convince Lindsay to say yes.  Suffice to say, it worked!

This weekend we'll be heading to Lindsay's hometown to celebrate with her family, and then we'll need to start picking a date, and a location that will friendly to a TON of country music.

Of course, all of this news means that I've been short on time recently and haven't been able to update this blog as frequently.  But, I do want to say that I'm going to begin Dan John's famous 40 day program when we come back from the midwest, and documenting it here.

What's the 40 day program?  Well it's where you do the same workout for 40 straight workouts.  Simple?  Yes.  Easy?  Oh heck no.  But, that's life.

So, until my next post, take care!