The Curse of Knowledge, Biggest Loser, and Power of Love

Nothing grinds my gears more than "first world problems" like the one above..

Nothing grinds my gears more than "first world problems" like the one above..

As it's currently below 16 degrees outside here in Boston, I wanted to ask one question: am I the only one who doesn't mind getting smacked in the face by the cold, backhand of winter?  Earlier today, I heard a woman complaining about how she couldn't text on her iPhone because it froze her hands to type.  Seriously!?  It's called winter for a reason!  And while part of me wanted to turn around and ask about her other "first world problems" I decided to keep grazing through Whole Foods, and just think warm thoughts.

Anyway, as the week is coming to a close, I figured it was a great time for a new edition of good reads.  Hope your eyes are hungry, and that you're all still going strong on any new years resolutions. 

The first article is from the Strength Coach blog, which is run by Mike Boyle.  One of the great things I learned in my time at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning is how to coach, and how to *try* and make everything as clear as possible.  While I'm still working in that department, here's a great article from Mike called "The Curse of Knowledge." It's a condition I believe everyone has to varying degrees... 

The Curse of Knowledge

Next, this time of year is often very popular for the NBC network.  Not only are individuals looking to make good on their weight-oriented new years resolutions, they're doing so while watching "inspirational" shows like The Biggest Loser.  While used to watch the show, I can't even force myself to watch a single minute anymore.  Why?  I find the show to be nothing but abusive and the complete antithesis of how I would go about training anyone.  But, before I go on a long rampage, I'll share a wonderful post that cites many of the show's problems:

The Real Biggest Losers?  The Show's Audience

Lastly, here's my new squatting anthem for the week.  I hope you enjoy it, and it captures exactly what I love about the king of lower body exercises.  While you don't need money, and it don't take fame, all you need is a barbell to ride this train....