Phys Ed, Fixing our Food Problem, and Suffering Fools Gladly

Well, it is that time.  You guessed it, time for another edition of good reads of the interwebz.

One word to describe these boys: diesel.

One word to describe these boys: diesel.

First up is a blast from the physical education past.  As you’ll see, it shows high school boys displaying feats of strength at a 1960’s California high school, and I’d doubt that  many men in all of America could complete this course now.  While it’s a bit depressing at how unhealthy our culture has become, the blog’s author, Ross Enamait deserves a ton of credit for pointing out this gem.

Physical Education from the Past

Next is a great article by New York Times writer, Mark Bittman.  While he’s probably more popular for his cookbooks than his actual writing, I thought this recent article was absolutely terrific.  He makes a great point that of all the diseases that kill millions each year – heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes – poor diet is the often the root cause.  He also highlights how many people are unaware that any type of “Food problem” exists in today’s society, and how to approach changing our culture’s mindset.

Fixing our Food Problem

The last article is neither about health nor fitness, but making yourself a better person.  “Suffering fools gladly” has become a phrase often used in our society, but this piece talks about what it actually means, and why you should suffer fools gladly..

Suffering Fools Gladly

To finish everything off, here’s a new squatting anthem that should hold me off until next week.  I like to rename this song, “Squatting in America.”