Lifting Heavy, Sleep and Turkey

As Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I’m running short on time for the next few days, I wanted to throw up some random thoughts here. 

For all those feeling bad about eating a metric ton of turkey tomorrow..

For all those feeling bad about eating a metric ton of turkey tomorrow..

First, here’s a great article on how and why women should lift heavy weights.  While it doesn’t list the physiological benefits of women lifting heavy (which are plenty), the author, Dan Trink, does a great job articulating how the marketing that's supposed to motivate women to lift is terrible.  I don’t want to give away too much, so just give it a read!

Girl Power: Why Lifting Heavier Can Be a Life Changer

Next, here’s an article about how sleep correlates with the risk of injury for high school athletes.  Maybe it’s because I currently work with this demographic, but it makes perfect sense.  The article states that over 69% of kids don’t get enough sleep, and I was probably one of those back in the day.  Anyway, it’s some food for thought:

Sleepy Athletes More Likely to be Injured

Lastly, as it’s that time of year, I wanted to turn the gears inward and be somewhat introspective.  I am thankful for so much in my life, and I tend to get choked up when I think about the incredible support I’ve received from my family, my girlfriend and so many others when I decided to change careers not too long ago.  I now know what it’s like when people say “when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.”  I’m incredibly lucky, and I’m really looking forward to the next few days.

So, tomorrow, remember to eat big and drink lots.  And for those of you that are looking for a pre or post squatting session, here’s a new song for you: