My Introduction

Well hello there.  I'm Alex and I’m not sure why, but for whatever reason you’ve stumbled across this blog and I’m honored.  This blog will be about strength and conditioning, nutrition, and just making yourself better both physically and mentally.

So what's my goal in creating this site?  It's to help people feel better, move better, and look that order!  While I’m not sure if you’ll ever come back - and I hope that you do - if I can help one person feel better in any way, this whole site will be worth it.

Now, before I start my ranting and raving, I figured it’s best to give some sort of a warning label before I let fly like Mussolini from the balcony (if you understood that sitcom reference, life points for you). While I will get into my own life story in subsequent posts, it's best if I lay out some of my own beliefs, so you know what you're getting yourself into: 

  • If I were given only one exercise for the rest of my life: it’d be some type of squat variation.  It’s too bad that 90% of the population have lost their squatting pattern, to borrow a saying from Gray Cook.  In a squat your femur, not your thighs, has to be at least parallel to the ground.  And no, squatting CORRECTLY doesn’t hurt your knees.

  • Smoking in public has to be one of the most selfish and rudest acts anyone can perform.  I’m sorry, it may be a “free country” for everyone that decides to light up, but it’s forcing everyone else to breathe in your carcinogens.

  • Crossfit is the strength and conditioning version of the Atkins diet.  It’s appropriate for about 1% of the population; everyone who is doing it will tell you about it; and the fad is already dying out.

  • The better the writer, the less frequent they need to use words you’ll only see on standardized testing.  Now, there are always exceptions.  But if your verbosity borders on the realm of obscurity, it’s not copacetic.

  • Single leg training is far superior to bilateral training, and I’m living proof!  But then again, if you don’t consider training to be “training” without grunting and piling on plates, may I suggest that you have issues that are a bit deeper rooted than a front or back squat.
  • The designated hitter is great for baseball.  Seriously, how can you hate something that makes a league more competitive, prolongs careers, and enables players to earn more money for the families (ahem, David Ortiz)?
  • Women need to lift heavy things, perhaps more than men.  While I won’t get carried away on the benefits of increased bone density, hormonal differences between the sexes, or the unfounded notion that even looking at weights will make a woman look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, most programs that women perform are actually body building programs (the difference is sarcomplasmic and myofibrilial hypertrophy)!  I will spend time on this blog trying to disprove the cultural trend that women shouldn’t lift, not just because it's a myth, but honestly, who wants to be physically weak?
  • Finally, I have extremely terrible taste in music.  Whenever I post a video, you can bet that you’ll be hard pressed not to punch me in the face.  For instance, I’ve been singing this song for the past 2 months: